Ever After Portraits: A message to all those budding artists out there!


These unique portraits in collaboration with your child, will capture a moment in time when ideas are limitless, imaginations run rampant and your inner child is in control!

You and your child select their favourite works of art, plus a photograph of your choice, then artist Tracy McGuinness-Kelly will use her design expertise to bring it all to life.

Printed with lightfast inks on watercolour paper, mounted onto wood, embellished with fine glitter, varnished and then covered in a layer of encaustic Beeswax, there is no need for glass.

Just wait to see your child’s joyful face when they see themselves starring in their own world!

You can then enjoy your beautiful artwork for many years to come.

We also offer a full spectrum photographic studio, so any special requests can be easily met.

Tracy’s contact info:

email: teelee@me.com

web: teeleedesign.com

tel: 0161 484 5995